Senior Front-End Engineer

The senior front end engineer will be responsible for building ExpectAI's platform user experience.
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February 16, 2024

The Role

The senior front end engineer will be responsible for building ExpectAI's platform user experience. They will leverage AI, tools & frameworks, and employ lean & agile principles to build, test, deploy & learn from visual & conversational interface features extremely rapidly.

This is a full time role in London (or Remote).

About Us

Our Vision:  Human life exists on Earth, as we know it now, in the year 3000.

Our Mission: Our mission is to mitigate 500Mt of carbon from entering the atmosphere. For reference, one megaton is one million tons. 500Mt is roughly ~1% of annual global emissions.

ExpectAI is committed to helping organisations reduce their emissions and achieve their climate goals. Una, ExpectAI’s Climate Action Platform, enables organisations to understand, navigate and accelerate their journeys to Net Zero.

As a senior front end engineer, your work will directly enable organisations to decarbonise across their operations, products, and value chain and in doing so, propel us towards our mission of reducing emissions by 500Mt of CO2e emissions.

At ExpectAI, our values are...

  • Stronger Together
  • Curious Challengers
  • Act with Integrity
  • Embrace Diversity
  • Sense of Urgency

What you'll bring

  • Front-end, of course - creating simple customer-ready experiences using React & TypeScript with a variety of component libraries
  • AI every way - for generating code and preferably conversational UIs
  • Data happy - presenting complex data in accessible visuals to enable decision-making
  • API ready - preferably confident designing & building basic endpoints, or willingness to do so
  • Integration shortcuts - assessing, configuring & connecting third-party cloud services, libraries, tools & frameworks
  • Lean & agile - developing software quickly, iteratively & with feedback
  • Transparent - working openly & collaboratively
  • Knows what does/not work - preferably learnt lessons from successes & failures in B2B: 5+ years in startup; more at later stages

Interview process

At ExpectAI, we are solving one of the world's most complex and challenging problems. To do this, we need to work with the most talented people in their respective fields. It is for this reason that we take hiring seriously at ExpectAI, and have structured our interview process accordingly.

All interviews will be 45 minutes to 1 hour, with a mix of remote (with video) and in-person.

  1. Engineering test
  2. Technical interview with product lead
  3. Culture & team interview with one of the management team members
  4. Leadership interview with founder

We make this process as transparent and collaborative as possible, and each and every single candidate will get feedback on each round of interview, be that successful or not successful.


At ExpectAI, you can be the person you are, regardless of ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, age, disability, sexual orientation, size, and/or gender identity. We are building a diverse team and urge individuals with varied backgrounds to apply. Let's do the hard work to make ourselves and our planet better, together.

Please note that the successful candidate will be subject to a background check. By applying for this role, you confirm that information submitted is accurate and that you understand falsification is cause for denial or termination of employment.

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