Accelerate your journey to net zero and beyond

ExpectAI enables businesses to identify efficiencies and take profitable climate actions with the power of Data and Generative AI.

We're pioneering a net zero future by organising data and enabling actions to drive profitable carbon reduction for any business, starting today.

Our vision is ambitious – to ensure human life thrives on Earth in the year 3000, starting with reducing 500 megatons of CO2e emissions by 2030.

Through bleeding edge technologies like knowledge graphs and Generative AI, and a team of diverse and experienced innovators, we're making climate action accessible and urgent.

We work with progressive companies to decarbonise their emissions at speed and scale

The Problem‍

Lack of data insights is a barrier to climate action

Decarbonisation is all about data. Yet whilst Data availability continues to grow with increased disclosure, interpreting andveraging data into climate insights remains a challenge.‍

‍‍AI-Powered Adaptive Carbon Profile™ (ACP)

Most up to date climate dataset on companies powered by our UNA™ platform.

Cutting-edge climate data discovery and associated models to ensure a constant supply of fresh decarbonisation actions for your business and portfolio.

Want to see your company's Adaptive Carbon Profile™?

Get instant cost-saving insights for your company and begin your carbon reduction journey now.

Adaptive Carbon Profile™ is powered by UNA

Your unified Climate Action platform.

In Latin ‘UNA’ means one, the personification of truth, beauty, and unity.

UNA provides a single source of carbon truth powered by unique IP to provide insights and personalised actions for you to decarbonise, profitably.

UNA's Core Capabilities

Reduce the necessity of carbon offsets and inset with 1000's of personalised and profitable carbon reduction initiatives.
Remove by collaborating with gold standard carbon offset and verified solution providers.
Comply by reporting emissions with pre-population and compliance report generation.
Finance through access to capital solution providers to accelerate green transition for both financing and carbon credit registration.

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Use Cases

Our Goal

ExpectAI exists to bring positive change with the power of Data and AI. We have committed to reducing 500 megatons of CO2e emissions by the end of this decade. In order to achieve this goal, we are enabling businesses to get started on their journey to Net Zero, now!

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