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Assess your carbon maturity
The world’s only end-to-end Carbon Action platform
Understand your carbon footprint accurately
Inset not just offset
Act decisively and profitably

For companies of all shapes and sizes


Easy access to your Carbon footprint and compliant reporting at the click of a button


Save time with connected data visible in one place and simplified to show you what you need to do next to decarbonise, profitably


Personalised climate action, with visibility across suppliers and through-out value chains saving you time, identify hotspots and access the right collaborative partners when you need it the most


Certification simplified to keep you on top of your customer frameworks

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The power of collaboration

Climate change can not be solved by one party or person alone. 
Our unique combination of knowledge base and marketplace access within one platform enables you to simplify the collaboration needed to reduce emissions, profitably.


Understand, navigate and then accelerate your path to decarbonising, profitably through science-based, certified technology



Easily find credible, verified partners and solution providers automatically matched to initiatives that help you on your journey when you need it the most


Knowledge Base

Access a wealth of knowledge curated to suit you where ever you are on your journey to reduce emissions


Meet your experts

We understand that reaching your Climate ambitions can be filled with complexity and that we are all at different stages in this journey. 
Access world class solution providers and experts who help you to answer those complexities. 

Nicola Smith

Manufacturing, Retail
Edinburgh, UK
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Jordisk Consulting

Strategy, Mobilisation.
London, UK
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Tercero Solutions

Non-profit, Technology, Government
Oakland, USA
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Frank McMillen

Agriculture, Manufacturing, Retail
Bristol, UK
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Take control of your Climate Journey

Reduce business risk, stay ahead of your competition and grow healthy value in your organisation through the power of collaboration.
Move away from fragmented data and see all of your emissions in one place removing friction
Inset what you are able to before choosing a certified offsetting partner
Set realistic science-based targets without confusion
Automatically report with ease and compliance
Use your data to guide your decarbonisation journey, and then accelerate

Introducing UNA

Your Climate Action platform.
In Latin ‘UNA’ means one, the personification of truth, beauty, and unity.
For Expect, UNA, provides a single source of carbon truth powered by unique IP to provide insights and personalised actions for you to decarbonise, profitably.
  • Get started with a carbon maturity assessment
  • Get guidance from vetted experts in the marketplace
  • Connect and upload data
  • Engage suppliers on their emissions
  • Explore and analyse emissions, calculated with over 55k factors
  • Personalised guidance on platform setup and usage
  • AI-powered decarbonisation roadmap development
  • Manage reduction targets, including SBTi alignment
  • Compass Score to reveal profitable and relevant actions
  • Model emissions scenarios
  • Intra-organisation and supplier collaboration
  • Regulatory and compliance reports
  • Find experts to guide decarbonisation initiative implementation
  • Uncover decarbonisation solutions and engage with their providers
  • Industry benchmarks and knowledge base
  • Market regulation and compliance reference
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Partnering with world-class companies
on their decarbonisation journeys

What Customers Are Saying

The team at Expect was fantastic from the start. They really took the time to understand the culture of our organization while pushing us to emphasis our sustainability goals in our overall organizational strategy.
Sam Herec, Product and Sustainability Lead
UNA’s ability to visually show our emissions and suggest initiatives for our decarbonization targets have been key in educating our entire company on where we are and where we want to be, and how we can do it profitably. I’m very excited to continue working with Expect for a more sustainable company and a better future for all.
Sam Herec, Product and Sustainability Lead


Your knowledge partner

23 dec 2022

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15 Nov 2022

Looking to get your carbon footprint certified? Let’s look at your options.


21 Aug 2022

Not all carbon offsets are equal, a guide to help you pick the right schemes

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