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GRS Roadstone

Carbon reduction roadmaps providing full ROI & activities to decarbonise profitably
"ExpectAI accurately quantified the carbon and cost savings for GRS."
Charlie Taylor
Head of Customer Success, ExpectAI™
GRS Roadstone

The Problem

GRS was finding a significant cost increase in pursuing sustainability and additionally found it difficult to quantify the impact of their decarbonisation efforts.

The Solution

ExpectAI accurately quantified the carbon and cost savings from two of its projects—one in mode switch from trucks to trains and the other in biofuel use in the existing fleet using international standards of ISO 14064-2. Subsequently, financial incentives from Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM) were identified to reduce the operational costs, helping GRS to decarbonize profitably.

The Results

Expect AI was able to accurately quantify the impact from insetting and identify the market incentives available in the form of carbon credits, thus enabling a positive Return on Investment (ROI) from its mode switch from trucks to trains.

How We Can Help Your Company

ExpectAI leverages AI and data to empower businesses to decarbonize profitably.

Our AI-powered platform, UNA™, analyses an organisation's carbon footprint and provides personalised actions for impactful reduction.

This data-driven approach helps businesses become more sustainable while increasing their bottom line.

Contact us today to explore how our tailored solutions can drive your company towards sustainability success.

GRS Roadstone
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