Use Cases

Real-time carbon accounting & reduction activities for company’s vehicle fleet

Carbon neutral certification for company products

Local Carbon Policy & Regulation Assessment & report generation

Carbon reduction roadmaps providing full ROI & activities to decarbonise profitably

Carbon-credit qualification & registration

Solution for Transportation

Decarbonise your company's vehicle fleet

Our platform connects data to decisions, enabling action.

Portfolio Management:
Integrated data hub showing fleet assets in a single view. SBTi carbon emission assignments.
Decarbonisation Roadmap:
Personalsised actions based on simulated outcomes and financial returns.
Disclosures & Compliance:
Automating policy relevance, carbon data pre-population and report generation.
Smarter Decision-Making:
Unleashing actionable AI insights with push notifications, powered by conversational AI, 'ASK UNA'.

Case Studies

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