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Winning Hearts and Wallets with Profitable Climate-Neutral Products powered by Expect AI
"Product-level Life Cycle Carbon Assessments (LCAs) were conducted to measure the overall impact of two of their product lines."
Anand Verma
Founder & CEO, ExpectAI™

The Challenge

Sonoro is a high-tech audio systems company that wants to increase profitability from its products while staying committed to its decarbonization objectives.

The Solution

As a part of the overall decarbonization strategy and roadmap, Sonoro has identified an opportunity in launching climate-neutral products. To achieve the objective, product-level Life Cycle Carbon Assessments (LCAs) were conducted to measure the overall impact of two of their product lines. The carbon impact was neutralised by selecting the right offset projects that resonate with the Sonoro brand.

The Results

Sonoro is on course towards profitable decarbonisation, achieving a harmonious balance between environmental stewardship and business growth. By introducing two climate-neutral products and meticulously selecting carbon credit projects that align with their brand and sustainability objectives, Sonoro exemplifies how a commitment to ecological responsibility can drive corporate success and growth.

The product plan is expected to demand a 8-10% premium from its climate-conscious customers, helping Sonoro decarbonise profitably.

How We Can Help Your Company

Expect AI leverages AI and data to empower businesses to decarbonize profitably.

Our AI-powered platform, UNA™, analyses an organisation's carbon footprint and provides personalised actions for impactful reduction.

This data-driven approach helps businesses become more sustainable while increasing their bottom line.

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